Closed from the street with a wood-clad garage, Tesselle breezeblock walls and an entry courtyard, the sprawling floor plan is concealed from the public. It's chevron form galvanized a layout containing a slow reveal of gardens, courtyards, patios, decks, balconies and tranquil interior spaces as one traverses the edifice. Inspired by the +11,000 sq. ft. wedge-shaped lot, this new two-story home with detached accessory dwelling unit (ADU) and swimming pool / spa is organized around an existing 50-feet tall legacy elm tree. Featured in Dezeen - February 2023.

Psomas Residence

Mar Vista, Los Angeles, California


Main House: 5,091 sq.ft.

ADU: 302 sq.ft.

Hsu McCullough

ZGB Homes

Harmony Gardens, Inc.

Thang Le & Associates Structural Engineers, Inc.

Photos by Dan Arnold

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