The story of this house begins with a 100-year old oak that anchors the back third of the lot. With it’s twisting, broad canopy, Hsu McCullough carefully wrapped the home around this tree. From the street, a simple facade of smooth stucco with a deeply carved recess combines with vertical wood siding disguises a descending hillside property and elongated home beyond. The spaces of the home were carefully planned to naturally follow the descending grade of the property. From street to rear yard, there are several interior floor level changes distinctly placing rooms at unique positions relative to each other created by placing short flights of stairs (three or four treads) in key positions. The owners are treated to novel apertures to enjoy the house as they move through it. In addition, multiple rooftop decks offer magnificent views of the Pacific Ocean and surrounding neighborhood.

Grand View Oak Residence

Mar Vista, Los Angeles, California


4,347 sq.ft.

Hsu McCullough

ZGB Homes

Harmony Gardens, Inc.

Thang Le & Associates Structural Engineers, Inc.

Furnishings by Modern Mecca

Photos by Dan Arnold

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